Can car detailing remove rust?

The first thing a car detailing company will do is remove paint from affected areas. A grinder with sandpaper can easily remove thicker layers of paint and primer. A metal grinding wheel is then used to enter the wells and remove the dense rust from the vehicle. If you have rust on your car or truck, it's possible to effectively remove it.

However, you'll need to use a high-quality rust remover and the right tools. Your rust remover should be designed to remove only rust without causing corrosion. The first step in removing rust is to start with a clean surface. To do this, remove the paint.

Using a grinder with 120 grit sandpaper should be sufficient because it is excellent for removing thick layers of paint from vehicles. After you've removed the paint and primer, be sure to cover nearby areas that you don't want covered in dust. A tarp works well to solve this. Cleaning with abrasive media is the preferred method for preparing a surface for complete restoration.

But what if your vehicle has survived all this time with the original paint intact and has decades of grease, dirt, base paint and surface rust to deal with? You'll want to keep as much of the original surface as possible, so that nothing abrasive works. Chemical extraction is effective, but it can be caustic, disordered, and could have environmental impacts that you wouldn't want to mention. At this point, retailers have several options to complete the detail. We can varnish the paint with a clay bar for details and a lubricant, and continue with a stage of polishing paint corrector.

Or we can apply a wax or sealant and finish the car as it is. Once the surface has been cleaned, in combination with dry cleaning, use a clay stick that can act directly on rust and remove it. No body shop guarantees rust repair because rust is like cancer.

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